What I'm doing now?

This was inspired by Derek Sivers.

Curious? On this page you can keep an eye on what is keeping me busy right now.

What's going on

  • Living in New Delhi for 4.8 years now.
  • Staying at home due to lockdown.
  • I'm no longer working with Nine Grapes.
  • Preparing the initial prototype for a SaaS product.
  • Starting my blog and trying to write 1 post daily.
  • After using Mac from last 7 months, switching to Linux again.
  • Learning React to upgrade mobile app skills.
  • Parenting 3 years old boy.

What I’m Reading Now - Made to Stick by Chip Heath & Dan Heath

Well I am still looking for work, If you have any idea to develop or discuss, ping me

I am open for business opportunities, freelance projects and a cup of coffee.

Updated - 20-Apr-2020