Hello World


Hello World! 

tl;dr – first blog post.

Registering a domain is the easiest part, setting up a website is easier – the main task is completing it. And the toughest part is – maintaining it.

This time around, I’m determined to keep my website up, running and relevant. I’ve already some blog posts and will start making them live and keep churning more of them so the toughest part becomes relatively easier.

I registered my first personal domain upendraonline.com, but could never get to make a complete website. Now that I’ve time on hand during the great lockdown), I registered this new domain upendra.me which was accidentally expired 3 years ago and thankfully no other Upendra thought of registering this domain.

Since, I’ve recently quit my job and am not working full-time, it gives me enough time to put together the website and blog posts that can be helpful to others and I can also brush-up a thing or two. 

Let’s begin!

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